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Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC) offers original, state-of-the-art training courses that integrate audio, multimedia, retention testing, and feedback for the hospitality industry and for bartender certification. PSCC can accommodate individuals or adapt a course for any size organization that wants to train employees. PSCC is backed by a professional support staff that can answer your questions personally using our toll-free hotline. All courses are well-designed, simple to use, and can be taken entirely online using any type of Internet connection.

Choose from some our different training courses:
Responsible Serving® of Alcohol (Bartender permit/license in some areas)
This course is approved in most states to train bartenders, alcohol sellers and servers, waiters, waitresses, and anyone else who sells or handles alcohol. This short course covers ID checking, refusing service to intoxicated customers, reducing drunk driving, and much more. Click to see the requirements in your state.

Bartender Mixology
Learn to be a great bartender with this 40-hour online course that includes interactive lessons, instantly-graded quizzes, dozens of video demonstrations, descriptions and definitions of terminology, and much more. Graduating from this course is comparable to attending and passing a week-long bartending class. Upon completion, you will be given a certificate demonstrating your knowledge and skill. 

Waiter/Waitress Course
Learn the steps to providing an efficient, quality service that ensures guests are happy throughout their entire visit. This course also includes practical tips for clearing and serving tables, greeting and saying goodbye, and even correct table setting methods and practices. This course will set you apart from the competition! 

Gratuity Secrets
Servers need to know proven methods to increase their bottom line. The purpose of this course is to help you develop strategies to maximize your overall tipping percentage and through efficient, top-notch customer service, increase your customer's overall order and bill, which is the basis for your tip.

Food Safety for Handlers

Enroll in our Food Safety for Handlers course to learn the proper food handling and safe conditions that can help you avoid foodborne illness, contamination, and diseases in your establishment. If you are looking to get a job in a kitchen or as a waiter or waitress, this is a great certification to have to demonstrate to a potential employer your willingness to learn and your desire to achieve.
For more information on Food Safety for Handlers and Managers, visit us at www.FoodSafetyCard.com

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